Magazine isn’t dead.






It is said that the day when magazines will become an “endangered species” is near. There are supposedly less people who are interested in magazines and print publications, and less interesting magazines. Is that true? I can’t seem to agree.

During the 6 years that I spent purchasing magazines for a bookstore chain, I had the opportunity to come across numerous titles and various magazine creators, from both Japan and around the world. I felt my horizons expand and my views widen, with each encounter. I learned that a whole new world was still waiting to be discovered.

Perhaps more people may be interested in magazines, if they see the creatively edited magazines that fascinated me. These people may even become future creators. I felt a strong desire to pass on the inspiration that I had felt. I wanted to help make these publications known. What I do may be equivalent of throwing stones into a lake; but I believe that the ripples may travel far, and some day become waves, if I continue.

Magazine isn’t dead; and will not die.


Magazine isn't dead. 主宰、ライター。北海道生まれ。セレクトショップ「aquagirl」にて販売員として勤務後、都内書店へ転職。雑誌担当を6年務めた後、独立。販売員、書店員とキャリアを重ねる中で一貫しているのは、“ものの魅力を伝える”こと。4歳からの雑誌好きで、国内外の雑誌やZINE、フリーペーパーなどのあらゆる紙ものをディグるのがライフワーク。旅好きでもあるため、国内の地方都市には北から南まで攻めまくり、膨大なおすすめ場所リストを保有。特技はそろばん(そろばんも絶滅危惧種になる日が近いだろう)。珠算6段・暗算4段を取得し指導者の腕前を持つ。主な連載に、WWD JAPAN .com「雑誌と本を行ったり来たり」、リトルプレス『北海道と京都とその界隈』内のエッセイ「偏愛北海道」などがある。

Kaori Takayama

Founder of movement “Magazine isn’t dead.” Currently works as a writer/columnist.Born in Hokkaido. First job was a sales representative at a Japanese selected fashion store “aquagirl,” later worked as magazine buyer, for a bookstore chain in Tokyo for 6 years, until March, 2018.
Kaori’s passion for magazines goes back to her childhood days of age four. The quest for various magazines and zines, free publications and printed media from around the world, has been her life’s work. Also a passionate traveller, she has a long list of must-dos and must-sees from all corners of Japan.
Main written works include: regular column, “Zasshi to Hon wo Ittari Kitari (translation: Back and Forth Magazines and Books)” at WWD JAPAN .com, which focuses on the thoughts around creating publications; regular essay, ”Hen-ai Hokkaido (translation: Obsessed with Hokkaido”) within little magazine “Hokkaido to Kyoto to Sono Kaiwai,“ where she writes about her beloved home land, Hokkaido. A consistent theme within Kaori’s past and present careers, is that she aspires to introduce the beauty that she finds in things. Kaori’s current aim is to generate a movement to make her audience revisit the impact that magazines can have, through “Magazine isn’t dead.”